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We ale glad that you have visited our website. We believe that our offer will attract your attention. We offer the whole assortment in the portfolio of the digital low-cost, large-size and offset print. We can also make ready for you advertisement signs to smother the cars, window-shops or shop and company interiors. We will advise you with the pre-press and choice of the appropriate print technology, according to the aim group and projected circulation (including the final bookbinding).

We make ready your prints based on the layouts you bring to us, but of course our creative studio Fotografik, Ltd. Division is also ready to design your prints according to your ideas.

Fotografik s.r.o.

Complete offer of our products and services could be found in the gallery or don´t hesitate to contact us.

We will be glad if you joined our satisfied customers.

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Printing your own design

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How to send your data

You can send your data through e-mail, or visit  file "UPLOAD". After its opening follow the detailed navigation. » more...